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for experienced and
trustworthy leadership.
Universal High School, Dahisar
We are a Mumbai-headquartered formal education services organisation with over 50 KG-to-PG institutions across 9 cities across India and the UAE .
50+ years of experience
full time annual students

Our Chairman

Mr. Jesus Lall is an acknowledged leader in the education fraternity and features among the who's who of the Indian education world. Mr. Lall is best known for his pioneering transformative ideas in education (concepts like day-boarding & iPads in classrooms), his outstanding commitment to public policy, and his exemplary dedication to charities like the Terry Fox Foundation. His stewardship of a community of 40,000+ current annual students and 4,000+ current employees is as remarkable as his charismatic personality, wonderful oratory, and arrestive conversational intelligence.

“... Rising Star in Indian Education."
EducationWorld Magazine
“... academic excellence in K-12”
BusinessWorld Magazine
“Among Future 50 Schools Shaping Success”
Fortune Magazine & PwC